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Wage and Benefits Survey

Executive Summary for 2012 CI Wage & Benefit Survey

Twenty-four companies reported data to the 2012 Wage and Benefit Survey conducted by Marist College’s Bureau of Economic Research and School of Management, and, sponsored by the Council of Industry of Southeastern New York. Highlights of information collected include the following points:

  • 2012 wage increases among participating companies averaged 1.7% for the management group, 1.5% for the professional, administrative/clerical group, 1.2% for the technical group, and 1.5% for the manufacturing groups. These increases were lower than the reported national average of 3% across all groups.
  • For 2013 reported planned increases are 2.9% for the management, professional and administrative/clerical groups, 3.1% for the technical group, and 1.6% for the manufacturing groups. These planned increases compare to the reported national average of 3.0% anticipated for 2013.

When examining benefits offered, companies reporting into this survey as a group continue to have a higher rate of health care coverage for employees than the national average (83% vs. 59%) and a higher rate of pension coverage (89% vs. 59%).