HR Policy Wages and Benefits Survey

With the help of  Ethan Allen Personnel Group and Rose & Kiernan Insurance, The Council of Industry has developed a Wage & Benefits survey which provides meaningful data while at the same time is easy to complete.  Participation in the survey is critical to its usefulness. The more companies that participate, the more valuable and reliable the data will be.  As the market for manufacturing workers at all levels becomes tighter the data generated from this survey becomes increasingly important. We encourage you to put aside some time to complete the survey to the best of your abilities.

  • Position Descriptions can be downloaded and contain the benchmark descriptions to use in matching your positions to the proper survey entry.
  • Wage data should be reported as of September 30, of this year (or as close to that date as is possible) to ensure comparability of reported statistics.  Wage data can be entered as hourly, weekly, monthly or annually. 
  • The survey is set up so that you can save and complete later so that you do not need to finish the entire survey at one time. 

Full Results will be shared only with Council member companies that submit  surveys.

Click here to view the 2020 Compensation and Benefit infographic

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 If you have any questions on the survey or the process, please contact Johnnieanne Hansen at