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The Next Trend: Invisible Wavelengths

Post: Jul. 26, 2016


Who among us hasn’t wanted to disappear for a little while, to avoid that obnoxious Ex, or sneak into a sold out concert, which of us haven’t wanted to be invisible?

Science isn’t there yet, but in a recent breakthrough researchers have hit a breakthrough in electromagnetic wavelengths. While it’s not anything like Harry Potter’s cloak, this new invention could make certain types of objects disappear, at least as far as electromagnetic waves are concerned, by causing curved surfaces to appear flat. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) coated a tennis ball-sized curved metallic surface with a nanocomposite medium consisting of seven distinct layers with varying electric properties depending on their positions. The effect of the layered nanocomposite medium, or as it’s also called “graded index nanocomposite,” is that electromagnetic waves, which normally would scatter when striking the object, pass right over it without disruption, almost like it isn’t even there. So while actual invisibility is still a long way off, researchers believe this new development will have “a great industrial impact.” Learn More.