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The Forklift of Tomorrow

Post: Aug. 24, 2017

The forklift is an essential part of every warehouse, but have you ever stopped and wondered if there’s any difference between the old models and the new? As it turns out, there is. Boss Magazine has a look at some of the new innovations being made to the classic machine, including alternative power sources, and increased maneuverability, and even going digital:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway, and forklifts are no exception to the trend. In fact, intelligent forklifts could have serious implications for distribution centers in a good way.

With newly equipped tech like RFID sensors, objects are able to communicate directly with work or electronic management systems (WMS or EMS). Tracking and information collection is simplified and RFID enable speedier decision making regarding good transport. From here, lifts can essentially take charge of all complex procedures and operators would only be required to make minimal inputs.