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The Factory in 3D Printer Age

Post: Jun. 7, 2018

3D Printing has been a big focus here at the Council, and all over the world really. It’s the sort of innovation that once seemed confined to only the most fanciful science fiction stories made into reality, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t be at least a little interested. In this bit of speculation on the tech’s future, the evolving concept of the factory is explored:

As these 3D printers advance and become more capable, they will evolve into a huge and vastly more capable 3D printer. Except, rather than printing parts, these huge printers would print things like fully capable automobiles. Granted, we are likely a couple of decades out but talk about disruptive technology revolutions this could be a massive game changer because it anticipates a time when, rather than regional warehouses, Amazon might have regional mega printers.

What do you think?

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