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The Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) Industrial Partnerships Program – Any Company, Any Challenge!

Post: Jun. 6, 2019

The Industrial Partnerships Program helps industry solve real-world challenges using a science-based, uniquely collaborative approach.  It provides:

  • World-class Capabilities: Access to renowned faculty and experts, and state of the art equipment enabling industry partners to solve short-term and long-term technical challenges. To help you identify the most appropriate expert/partner, Cornell faculty members have been grouped under Research Areas. Instruments are listed at Facilities.
  • Streamlined Solutions Access: Fast, easy and cost-effective solutions providing Matching funds to industry sponsored projects. Specific programs address the needs of large and small businesses from New York State (NYS) and beyond. More on CCMR Programs and matching funds for industry partners
  • Long-term Investment in Industry’s Success: Delivering meaningful results through changing company needs and growth. Industry Partners from NY State and beyond,  NY State small businesses and multiple Facilities users represent a rich portfolio of varied industry sectors.

JumpStart pairs New York State small businesses that have well-defined technical needs with Cornell faculty and students who have the expertise to help.

  • Projects receive a dollar for dollar match for project expenses up to $5,000
  • The application process is fast, simple, and online
  • All NYS businesses are eligible to apply
  • Total project costs will not exceed $15,000
  • Projects last for one semester (4 months)
  • Fall projects begin in September 2018

 The CCMR JumpStart Application period is June 1, 2019, to July 1, 2019.


* Can real-world problems be solved by a university research group?   Yes

   See previous JumpStart success stories Here

* Is it difficult to apply?   No

  The Application is simple and online!

* Will I qualify?   Yes

  All New York State businesses may apply

* Can I afford university-based research?   Yes

  Costs will not exceed $5,000 in company cash


For more information contact:

John Sinnott, Industrial Partnerships Manager

607-255-7070 jps39@cornell.edu