Schatz Bearing Corporation: Small Parts, High Stakes

When people think of industrial manufacturing, often times gigantic heavy-duty equipment comes to mind. The truth is, many companies are tasked with building small parts designed to be used in everything from commercial equipment to classified defense projects. Schatz Bearing Corporation proves that small ball bearings serve crucial roles in the manufacturing sector.

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AI in Manufacturing: Nascent, But on a Fast Track

In an attempt to separate the hype from the reality of AI, and to take the measure of where AI and its cousin machine learning stand in manufacturing today, the Manufacturing Leadership Council undertook its first ever survey on manufacturers’ attitudes, plans, projects, and expectations with the technology earlier this year. Read about their findings and more in this article from NAM and the Manufacturing Leadership Council.

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Six Sigma Gives Way to Rendanheyi at GE Appliances

“Chinese Appliance giant Haier (who acquired GE Appliances in 2016) is working to eliminate the sluggish bureaucracy that comes with size. They are employing a management philosophy they call “rendanheyi,” which translates loosely to “employees and customers become one.” An interesting article in Bloomberg talks about the acquisition and introduces us the what rendanheyi is and how it works.”

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