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Bringing Maintenance and Repairs into the Era of Cloud Technology

Post: Jan. 23, 2019


CloudVist, a local business located in Putnam County, recently launched a new software that has the potential to transform the way we preform maintenance, repairs and inspections. This new software, CloudVisit Inspection Software, brings these processes into the era of cloud technology by allowing everything to be done remotely. CloudVisit is a custom video conference application that “maximizes the efficiency of the quality control process by allowing the inspection and documentation of completed work on distant jobsites without leaving the office.”

CloudVisit software provides remote MRO across many industries including transportation, construction, aviation, energy, telecom, telehealth and more. Recently the technology has been instrumental in the quality assurance of windfarm installation and maintenance. Windpower is growing in demand, and expected to expand up to 6 percent by 2023. The United States is planning more than 25 major wind projects, with a large majority in the Northeast.

CloudVist’s technology can provide important efficiencies during the installation of wind turbines. The software can be used to “quickly train technicians and experts, reduce installation time and costs, and decrease inspection time.” By pairing the software with third-party devices such as drones it eliminates the time and cost of mounting technicians with ropes and harnesses for maintenance and inspection. The drones can now take screen captures in minutes, which are achieved in the cloud for safety and quality control records, and can be shared with project management. This process decreases the amount of machinery required, increases turnaround time for repairs and is much safer.

The amount of uses possible for this type of software seem endless. CloudVisit has already made strides in the energy and aviation industries, and there is no doubt that this technology could have many benefits across the manufacturing industry.

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Cybersecurity Precautions Anyone Can Implement

Post: Oct. 23, 2018


October is cybersecurity month so it’s the perfect time to discuss some simple precautions all companies should take to reduce the likelihood of a data breach. Manufacturing companies that deal with the United States DOD have certain cybersecurity requirements to protect their data but all companies, no matter the size or industry, should follow several cybersecurity best practices.

Multi-factor authentication is an easy to use tool that companies can implement to keep passwords safe from hackers. Multi-factor authentication requires multiple forms of identification before granting users access. This can include codes sent to your cell phone, fingerprints, or even facial scans. Hackers that steal your password are unable to access your accounts without this second form of identification, making it much more difficult.

Making each new password unique can difficult and challenging to remember. Password managers are another tool that can be used to generate passwords and save them in encrypted lists that cannot be accessed. Finding a trusted password manager can eliminate the need for memorizing or reusing passwords.

Software updates can be annoying but its important that we stay up to date on them to reduce our vulnerability to hackers. Hackers have the ability to detect these vulnerabilities and release malware on our devices and applications. The time spent updating is much less inconvenient than a data breach.

Adobe Flash Player is one of the most popular methods of streaming media online, but its poor security has experts suspicious. The software has been hacked thousands of times and many electronic companies recommend turning it off. Requiring that company devices disable Adobe Flash Player is a simple way to protect company data.

The use of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) ensures that you use an encrypted connection on all possible websites, and notifies you when one isn’t available. “Just a few years ago, most websites used unencrypted connections, which meant anything you typed into a form on that site would be sent in plain text and could be intercepted with little effort.” HTTPS is easy to install and facilitates safer connections.

These are five simple steps to improving your cybersecurity. For more information read the full article here.

Increase Hiring Success in 5 Simple Steps

Post: Oct. 18, 2018


Today’s job market is candidate-driven, and with the unemployment rate steadily falling companies need to competitively pursue quality candidates. Especially in the manufacturing industry where companies are struggling to catch these quality candidates before they’re snatched up. This means that old hiring practices must be updated to better suit the market. However, completely revising these processes takes significant time and money. Luckily there are five simple adjustments that hiring managers can implement today to increase success.

Accelerating the interview process can make a major difference. When the process gets dragged on candidates can lose interest or accept a position elsewhere. An easy first step to making this a reality is examining the current timeline and finding potential hold ups. A shorter hiring process can go a long way in the eyes of a candidate.

Consistent communication is also important. Communicating with candidates constantly will keep them engaged and reduce ambiguity. This is especially critical when there is a delay in the process. Communicating at least once a week is recommended, even when there is nothing new to report.

Posting jobs on mobile platforms is a more convenient way to reach candidates. When candidates have the ability to view a positions from a mobile devise they’re more likely to apply. Eliminating the need for candidates to access a computer will increase the amount of applicants.

Transparency is key! Be upfront with candidates about salary and benefits. Waiting until you extend an offer is too late to inform candidates of these details.

Finally, make a competitive offer. Do the research to find out what other companies are offering candidates for similar positions. It would be a waste of time to go through the entire interview process and make an offer that isn’t competitive. Being informed will allow you to make a competitive offer the first time.

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Manufacturing Takes a Step into the Future

Post: Oct. 11, 2018


New technology is continuously revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and making processes more efficient. Many are calling these advancements “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and if companies take advantage they can become more efficient, increase production and reduce costs. Even small changes that are simple to implement can make a huge impact.

Smarter facilities are making manufacturers more competitive and allowing them to more easily adapt to changes in the market. A popular trend is to update the facility and machinery to create a connected and smart modern factory. This includes making changes to existing equipment, streamlining processes and adopting new technologies.

When an entire facility is interconnected through the use of data, a plant can operate at a level of intelligence and efficiency that was once impossible. “Harnessed directly from sensor-fitted equipment, complex raw data is translated into status charts, annotation notes and to-do lists which are displayed via an interactive touchscreen display, delivering an easily digestible insight into how the factory is operating in that precise moment.” This allows the shop floor to make quicker, more informed decisions throughout the production process, and issues are caught almost immediately.

Even older equipment is being brought into the modern era with the use of sensors. Sensors are “connected to software which can measure key variables such as temperature, pressure, vibration and power consumption, they give machines a voice – and allow engineering to understand the real-time performance of key pieces of equipment.” This new technology transforms legacy equipment into efficient and smart machines.

The success of Industry 4.0 suggests that even more progress will be made in the future, and many believe that virtual reality will one day have a big impact on manufacturing. Factories are continuously getting smarter and huge advancements aren’t far away.

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