Pine Bush High School

Episode 2: Pine Bush High School, Integrating Education and Career Readiness at the Highest Level

The Council of Industry recently launched a podcast! In this episode Harold King from the Council of Industry interviews Aaron Hopmayer, Principal of Pine Bush High School. Link to the segment inside.

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Check Out the New CI Podcast and Meet Manufacturers, Educators and Influencers from around the Hudson Valley

The staff at CI already get to talk to fascinating, impactful people daily – now we can share those stories. Adding the podcast medium will help us broaden our reach and help us share insights, best practices and hopefully some laughs, with a wider audience.  Perhaps the podcast will help bring the already supportive manufacturing community even closer together.

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One High School, One Principal, One BIG Impact

Manufacturing companies all over the Hudson Valley are eager to recruit and train the next generation of men and women to continue the legacy of building quality products used across the nation and overseas. A local high school principal and technology teacher are doing their part to make that a reality.  Read more about how one Hudson Valley high school is making a huge impact inside.

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