Check Out the New CI Podcast and Meet Manufacturers, Educators and Influencers from around the Hudson Valley

The staff at CI already get to talk to fascinating, impactful people daily – now we can share those stories. Adding the podcast medium will help us broaden our reach and help us share insights, best practices and hopefully some laughs, with a wider audience.  Perhaps the podcast will help bring the already supportive manufacturing community even closer together.

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Meet Forrest: Apprentice at MPI

Meet Forrest, the Sub Assembly Technician 2 at MPI for the past 2 years. Forrest joined the Council of Industry's Registered Apprentice Program in January under the Electro-Mechanical trade. He told us that the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized accreditation as a journey level worker is what encouraged him to join and continues to motivate him. Learn more inside.

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