Manufacturing Skills Gap

The Many Advantages of Apprenticeship Programs

Apprentice Programs can help companies retain quality employees, inspire a culture of learning and growth, and lessen the industry-wide skills gap. Learn more about these advantages and how they contribute to a company's long-term success in this post.

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A Value Proposition with an Altruistic Twist

Guest blogger Stephen Casa discusses the importance of getting students enrolled in local BOCES programs, and further elaborates on what these programs offer. Learn more in this post.

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Bring Back Vocational Training

The United States education system has been slowly removing vocational training from high schools since the 1960s. High school curriculum is now much more focused on preparing students for college. Bringing back vocational training would help expose these students to other options and would be beneficial to high school students and the entire manufacturing industry at large. Read more in this post.

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Meet Lane – Tool & Die Maker at Schatz Bearing

Lane Mitchell has been working at Schatz Bearing Corporation for the last 11 months as a Tool & Die Maker, and he’s also the newest feature in our video about careers in manufacturing. The Council of Industry’s project, Go Make It, has recently worked with Stage 6 Media to create a video that would highlight Lane’s journey as a toolmaker.

Lane was in high school when jobs within the manufacturing  

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NBC Nightly News Reports of Skills Gap in Manufacturing

NBC Nightly News (3/8, story 4, 2:05, Williams) reported, “Even with so many Americans still unemployed, some companies, manufacturers in particular, are having trouble finding workers.” NBC (LeBeau) added, “Over the last two years American manufacturers have hired more than 400,000 workers. At the same time the number of manufacturing jobs unfilled has more than doubled to 264,000”  

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