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How to Attract Veterans

Post: Dec. 14, 2018


By Guest Blogger Michaela Ryan 

Did you know that jobs are searchable by MOS codes? MOS codes are a specific code used in the military that identify a particular job. Each MOS code has its own job description. Active members and veterans typically know their MOS code like the back of their hand. Therefore, when a veteran is searching for a civilian job, they know that they have the qualified skills and experience if it aligns with their MOS code. This information is being implemented into various recruitment strategies when trying to attract veterans for job openings.      

Finding information on this is simple. When you search “MOS code job search” in Google, MOS translators for civilian jobs are the first links to pop up. For example, MOS code 44E is the code for a Machinist in the Army. A veteran could type “44E” into the MOS translator and it would present a list of job openings that align with their background as a machinist in the Army. It allows veterans to use their gained experiences and skills from the military and put those skills and experiences to use in civilian jobs. Recruiters can implement MOS code compatibility into their recruitment process by providing applicable MOS codes in their job postings. Multiple MOS codes can align with a single job. You can also find a list of MOS codes categorized by military branch, for example an Army MOS code list and a Marine MOS code list can be found here. There are numerous resources online when trying  to figure out which MOS codes could apply to your job openings. This can help veterans find jobs faster that align with their prior experience and it can help you find qualified candidates by reaching a new market. This could open new doors for access to skilled candidates!

The Council of Industry has started matching the jobs in our Recruiting Initiative to their corresponding MOS codes. As the Council of Industry works with Manufacturing Companies throughout the Hudson Valley, many of the skills and required experience needed for these types of jobs closely aligns with those of veterans. All of the applicable jobs will have a list of corresponding MOS code(s) implemented into the job description/posting. This will allow veterans to know that they qualify for that particular job and it will also make the job searchable by MOS code. Anyone can go to our website (Link Here) and search an MOS code and all applicable jobs will appear for candidates to easily apply. Our hope is to reach a broader candidate base for our members, as well as, assist veterans in their job search.           

Making MOS codes searchable with job openings is a new opportunity for recruiters to attract veterans. By implementing this into your recruiting process, you can increase your likelihood of finding the quality candidate you’ve been looking for. Many companies have already started to implement this into their recruitment process and there are a variety of tools readily available to assist in the implementation of this process. If you would like to attract veterans or find a new market of candidates during your recruitment process, this could be what you are looking for.

*If you’re a veteran looking for a career in manufacturing search your MOS code here, by typing your MOS code into the search bar.*