Dark Skies – Why is it important and what can you do about it

Light pollution disrupts the world’s ecosystem. According to, “Scientific evidence suggests that artificial light at night has negative and deadly effects on many creatures including amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and plants” This includes people, negatively affecting human health, increasing risks for obesity, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, breast cancer and more. It is also estimated that 30% of all outdoor lighting in the US is wasted or unnecessary, this equals $3.3 billion dollars in wasted energy. New technology can help to conserve this energy and reduce the wasted light.

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Future plant design links data, operations

Read about how some manufacturers plan to update their facilities and increase digitalization to increase productivity and production quality, provide better work conditions and improve their bottom line in this article from 

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It's expected that jobs in the STEM field will grow at faster rate between 2014 and 2024 than jobs overall. The growing economy is increasing demand, and pay is increasing with it. Learn more about which specific jobs are the most in demand in this post. 

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