Episode 2: Pine Bush High School, Integrating Education and Career Readiness at the Highest Level

The Council of Industry recently launched a podcast! In this episode Harold King from the Council of Industry interviews Aaron Hopmayer, Principal of Pine Bush High School. Link to the segment inside.

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Meet Peter – Apprentice at Sono-Tek

Meet Peter, a CNC Machinist and Apprentice at Sono-Tek Corporation in Milton, NY. Peter's career in manufacturing started at an optics company where he first learned about diamond cutting and CNC machines. He's been able to use the skills he gained at that job to help him be successful at Sono-Tek.

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Future Manufacturers in the Making

It seems our efforts to share manufacturing career opportunities are beginning to bear fruit. From articles in HV Mfg magazine to the website and its videos highlighting people working in manufacturing to our support of the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy and more educators from across the region are increasingly turning to us to help them connect with the manufacturing sector and the great careers we have.

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Join Us for HV Manufacturing Career Exploration Night on October 4

On October 4th we will be partnering with Pine Bush High School for the first annual Manufacturing Career Night.

We are inviting HV Manufacturers to register for an exhibitor booth to help inform students and parents about manufacturing jobs in the Hudson Valley.

Participating companies will have the opportunity to connect with over 150 students, their parents, and educators and discuss current and  

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7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Event a Success

Students at Mfg Day

As modern manufacturing’s biggest stage, Manufacturing Day gives nearly 300,000 youth and their parents a powerful opportunity to see firsthand how they can create a bright future for themselves and their community through a career in modern manufacturing. Thanks to impactful events held by thousands of manufacturers across the country, those efforts are working.

But how can you make sure your MFG Day event is a success?

We’re here to help. Once you’ve gotten people to attend your MFG Day event, you’ll want to make the most of your time together. Those few hours you spend with one another are your chance to show your guests the importance of what you do — and the creativity, advanced skills and technology required to do it. Ideally, your passion will spark something similar in the young people who you introduce to modern manufacturing, inspiring them to learn more about the industry and one day join the manufacturing team.

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Bring Back Vocational Training

The United States education system has been slowly removing vocational training from high schools since the 1960s. High school curriculum is now much more focused on preparing students for college. Bringing back vocational training would help expose these students to other options and would be beneficial to high school students and the entire manufacturing industry at large. Read more in this post.

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There’s Gold in the Hills of the Hudson Valley

As I travel around the Hudson Valley meeting with various leaders in industry, I hear the same concern: “We can’t find enough qualified employees to fill the positions that are being left vacant by retirement, innovation, etc.” This is where a value added strategy can benefit employers: developing collaborative partnerships with education.

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The Potential of Augmented Reality to Reshape Worker Training

Could augmented reality, or AR, be the way forward for the manufacturing workforce? Can AR, an interactive experience of a real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information, solve manufacturing problems?

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