Meet Thomas: CNC Apprentice at Usheco

Meet Thomas, CNC Apprentice and Production Operator at Usheco. “We are proud to have Tommy enrolled in the CNC Machinist Apprenticeship Program.” Said Alethea Shuman, VP of Sales and Engineering at Usheco. “Tommy embraces the challenge of learning new skill sets and we look forward to supporting and watching him expand his knowledge and expertise while applying his new skills here at Usheco.” Read more inside.

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Meet Korey: Apprentice at Kdc/One Kolmar

Meet Korey, CNC apprentice at Kolmar. Korey started as a temporary employee cleaning the facility. When Korey learned that Kolmar was opening up an apprentice opportunity to current employees he was quick to apply. By the end of March he was selected and registered under the CNC Machinist trade. You can read Korey's full story inside.

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Meet Peter – Apprentice at Sono-Tek

Meet Peter, a CNC Machinist and Apprentice at Sono-Tek Corporation in Milton, NY. Peter's career in manufacturing started at an optics company where he first learned about diamond cutting and CNC machines. He's been able to use the skills he gained at that job to help him be successful at Sono-Tek.

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Meet Josh – Apprentice at LoDolce Machine

Meet Josh, an apprentice at LoDolce Machine. Josh has been working at LoDolce for a little less than a year as a Machine Operator. He was recently registered under the CNC Machinist trade in the Council of Industry's Registered Apprentice Program. Learn more about his journey to becoming an apprentice inside.

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Meet Greg – Apprentice at Viking Industries

Meet Greg, an apprentice at Viking Industries. Greg has spent that last 9 years at Viking as an Industrial Mechanic.  He spends his days fixing, repairing and troubleshooting everything from forklifts to press machines. Learn more about his journey to becoming an apprentice inside.

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Manufacturing Jobs, One Towns Story

Heard on Morning Edition

January 12, 2012 – STEVE INSKEEP, HOST:

Manufacturing employment in this country is expanding. In fact, the labor department says that in 2011, more manufacturing jobs were added than in any year since the 1990s. Still, manufacturing employment is not what it was, as will be apparent, when we look more closely in the coming days, at South Carolina, a manufacturing state  

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