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MIPAC Announces 2018 Senate and Assembly Legislative Endorsements

Statewide Manufacturing Association’s Political Action Committee Releases Endorsement of Pro-Business Candidates

MIPAC, The Manufacturing & Industry Political Action Committee and the political action committee arm of MACNY, The Manufacturers Association and The Manufacturers Alliance of New York State today announced their 2018 candidate endorsements. 

This year, MIPAC looked to endorse pro-manufacturing and reform-minded candidates from all areas throughout New York State, focusing their attention on key issues, including corporate tax reductions for pass through manufacturers, strengthening the State’s workforce development platform, workers compensation issues, and the increasing regulatory burdens in New York State. This year, MIPAC recognized its growing statewide presence, and is actively participating in races from across the State.

MIPAC member Nathan Andrews stated, “This year we were pleased to review responses and voting records from a number of statewide candidates. We looked for those who would best represent issues important to the state’s manufacturers.  We have always maintained and understood that we will not always agree with our representatives on every issue.  What is most critical is that issues important to manufacturers are heard and understood, that the lines of communication always remain open, and that good policy and open government remain priorities first and foremost to those candidates we support.”

Andrews continued, “Our sector has a number of policy driven concerns, to include costly and burdensome areas such as Paid Family Leave and the Bereavement Bill. Another area of concern is Single Payer Healthcare bill which passed in the Assembly last session.  The manufacturing sector has also been actively engaged in advocating for corporate tax elimination for pass through manufacturers. As we move forward with our endorsements and the support of those candidates we think will best serve our sector’s wellbeing, we will continue working with those members elected into office on addressing these policy areas for our members.”

Based on the candidates’ responses and interviews, MIPAC is proudly endorsing and weighing in on the following Senate races:

Senate Endorsements (13)

  • Elaine Phillips (R) Senate District 7
  •  James Skoufis (D) Senate District 39
  • Terrence Murphy (R) Senate District 40
  • Sue Serino (R) Senate District 41
  • George Amedore (R) Senate District 46
  • Joe Griffo (R) Senate District 47
  • Patty Ritchie, (R) Senate District 48
  • Robert Antonnacci (R) Senate District 50
  • James Seward (R) Senate District 51
  • Fred Akshar (R) Senate District 52
  • Pamela Helming (R) Senate District 54
  • Rich Funke, (R) Senate District 55
  • Tom O’Mara (R) Senate District 58

Based on the candidates’ responses and interviews, MIPAC is proudly endorsing and weighing in on the following Assembly races:

 Assembly Endorsements (15)

  • Mark Walczyk (R) Assembly District 116
  • Ken Blankenbush (R) Assembly District 117
  • Will Barclay (R) Assembly District 120
  • Cliff Crouch (R) Assembly District 122
  • Donna Lupardo (D) Assembly District 123
  • Chris Friend (R) Assembly District 124
  • Gary Finch (R) Assembly District 126
  • Al Stirpe (D) Assembly District 127
  • Pamela Hunter (D) Assembly District 128
  • Bill Magnarelli (D) Assembly District 129
  • Bob Oaks (R) Assembly District 130
  • Brian Kolb (R) Assembly District 131
  • Phil Palmesano (R) Assembly District 132
  • Robin Schimminger (D) Assembly District 140
  • Ray Walter (R) Assembly District 146


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The Manufacturing-Industry Political Action Committee (MIPAC) is the political arm of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York and the Manufacturers Alliance of New York State.  MIPAC is a group statewide manufacturers and businesses concerned about the status of New York’s manufacturing and business climate.


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Business Council PAC Announces Gubernatorial Endorsement

The Business Council of New York State’s Political Action Committee (PAC) announced its support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for a third term as governor of New York State. Click  below for a statement from The Business Council’s President and CEO, Heather C. Briccetti, Esq.

Business Council Gubernatorial Endorsement

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New York’s Uneven Economic Recovery

E.J McMahon takes a look at the economic recovery in New York State, specifically how upstate vs. downstate has fared. Mc Mahon is the Empire Center’s founder and research director and will be the keynote speaker at our upcoming Annual Luncheon & Member / Associate Member Expo on November 30th at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie. 



New York’s Uneven Economic Recovery


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New York State Election Law Requirements Regarding Employees Time Off to Vote

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th and our associate member Jackson Lewis PC recently shared some important law requirements regarding employee voting time off. 

New York Election Law § 3-110 states that an employee is entitled to a sufficient amount of leave time that, when added to the employee’s available time outside of working hours, will enable the employee to vote. Four hours is considered sufficient time. An employee is excluded from leave if the employee has 4 consecutive hours in which to vote either between the opening of the polls and the beginning of the employee’s work shift or the end of the employee’s work shift and the close of the polls.

  • Notice: The employee must provide notice of leave at least 2, but not more than 10, days prior to the election.
  • Hours: The employer may specify the hours. Leave must be given at the beginning or end of the work shift, as the employer may designate, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Paid: Not more than 2 hours may be without loss of pay.
  • Posting Requirement: Employers must also conspicuously post a notice for employees about the law not less than 10 working days before every election. The notice must be kept posted until the close of the polls on election day. Employers that have yet to post such a notice can find a copy here:

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