“Stackable” Certifications Are Key to Attracting Workers to Manufactuirng

The NAM Manufacturing Institute has developed a “stackable” skills program that will make it much more attractive for people, particularly young people, to get into the field of manufacturing.

The program ends the false choice that young people must choose between a trade or college by providing a path to skill certificate – associates degree – bachelors degree – graduate degree. Individuals can continue on the path, or hop off and back on at anytime for the skills they need to be successful in a modern manufacturing career.

The first focus has been on the core or basic skills that cut across all sectors in manufacturing.

These core or basic skills are:

Personal Effectiveness Skills
Basic Academic Requirements
General Workplace Competencies
Industry-wide Technical Competencies

The Manufacturing Institute worked with key certification partners who are the world market leaders in skills certification programs that align with these four tiers of skill requirements. This collaborative effort resulted in an organization of the certification programs, and the credentials they offer, into a system of “stackable credentials” that can be awarded in post-secondary education.

The result is a professional technical manufacturing workforce with valuable industry credentials, making companies more innovative, more competitive, and more marketable.

Find out more here: http://www.themanufacturinginstitute.org/Education-Workforce/Skills-Certification-System/About/About.aspx