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Robots Even a Small Business Can Afford

Post: Apr. 4, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about automation in manufacturing, usually though any discussion on the topic comes with the presumption that the robotics in question are only accessible to larger manufacturers who can afford not only the high-tech machines but also the labor force needed to run them. That is starting to change, writes Jim Lawton in a column for Forbes:

With equal access to smart, collaborative robots companies like Standby Screw and Vanguard Plastics gain a fast path to exploiting automation to improve productivity and lower cost. They are tackling repetitive tasks, lowering error rates and reducing the likelihood of an injury to a person. For many customers, these robots allow them to “staff” positions that have been left unfilled for weeks or months with stability. They are also working alongside people, and giving them opportunities to do more strategic work.