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Performance Goals vs Development Goals: What’s the Difference?

Post: Jul. 17, 2017

A new article in IndustryWeek asks if you have given much thought to how you set your production goals, whether you’ve given equal time to so-called Development Goals along with Performance Goals, and if you think that’s just splitting hairs then read on:

Think of performance goals as “What you want to achieve,” and development goals as “How you will achieve them.” The key thing to understand is that you will only achieve your performance goals by working on development goals because they create the capability for succeeding.

As intuitive as that sounds, my experience is that development goals are rarely articulated and are almost never reviewed. I asked three top HR leaders, each responsible for organizations larger than 10,000 employees, how many employees have formal development plans, and how many review them regularly with their managers. Their response: Maybe one out of four have a training and development plan, and just one out of 10 review them regularly. Ouch!

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