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Mobile Learning: Taking the Tech to the Students

Post: Mar. 8, 2018

Cutting edge technology like virtual reality is more than most schools’ budget, but what if a mobile classroom could share the cost with multiple districts?

Student’s eyes started to glow as they stepped into the Future Maker Mobile Learning Lab Thursday afternoon at Inman High School.

The lab, which was provided by Wichita Area Technical College, consisted of hands-on learning virtual reality gear where students tested their skills in virtual welding, painting and aircraft assembly.

Three stations were set up in the trailer: welding, painting and aircraft assembly.

Students used a hand-held device to guide them along for the three stations. After completing their tasks, station instructors showed the students how well they did and what they would need to do better next time.

Inside the library, ZSpace computers were set up for students to practice a three-dimensional gravity experiment. The point of the experiment was to not touch the computer screen with their pen and to get the soccer ball through the hoop while wearing 3D glasses.

The final station students were able to participate in was Ozobots, which showcased computer coding on a dry erase board where the robots followed the coding line to the finish line.

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