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Metallized Carbon: Innovation at the Core of its Growth

Post: Jul. 11, 2019

This week, we turn our attention to Metallized Carbon, a state-of-the-art manufacturing company located in Ossining, New York. If you were to enter the factory floor, you likely wouldn’t know what their products are used for. Metcar is the trade name used for special materials that are self-lubricating which are used in the aerospace industry. Many of these parts are used in machinery where temperatures are too high for conventional oil-based lubricants. HV MFG spoke with Metallized Carbon a few years back to learn more about their production methods. Their products differ from the competition as they use graphite which has self-lubricating properties. In addition, their products are combined with other solid lubricants that are chemically bonded together using a carbon binder. Today, Metallized Carbon has over 150 different Metcar Grades that can be used on a wide variety of applications depending on the customer’s needs.

Metallized Carbon was founded in 1945 when Preston Siebert began working from his detached garage specializing in metal impregnation services. He originally worked to develop a way for graphite to combine with molten metal. The electronics sector was very interested in this as carbon graphite proved to be a better conductor than just graphite alone. By the 1950’s, Metallized Carbon began manufacturing carbon bearings used in the board drying industry. In the 1970’s, Metcar became a registered trademark for the company and developed new base materials that have unique uses in the commercial aerospace industry and in military equipment. Such innovation, required the company to grow significantly. Today, the company has transformed itself from 2 car garage to six buildings covering 85,000 sq. feet and employing 125 people. By the 2000’s with the growth of the aerospace industry, Metcar expanded to different divisions for Mexico and Asia while also increasing US production. President & CEO of Metallized Carbon, Matthew Brennan mentioned that his company is both high-tech and cutting edge in order to meet the needs of their clients.

Thanks to efforts from the Council of Industry and other local Hudson Valley businesses, Metallized Carbon was able to secure funding for a new facility that now holds the aerospace materials division. Located in Mountaindale, the new facility is 15,000 sq. feet with the ability to expand to 65,000 sq. feet in the future. Looking ahead, Brennan intends to hire new employees to continue the innovation the company is known for. Thankfully, New York colleges in the Hudson Valley have provided Metallized Carbon with engineers ready to take on the next challenge. Additionally, Brennan and his team are fortunate for the dedicated employees that help keep the production floor running smoothly. While the future does not hold guarantees, Metallized Carbon is continuing to expand with an emphasis on innovation and quality products.