NYS Labor Law Guide

NYS Labor Law Guide

2018 Employer’s Guide to New York State Labor Laws Available

The Employer’s Guide to New York State Labor Laws is a concise summary of labor laws applicable to employers in New York State. Updated on an annual basis by Nixon Peabody LLP attorneys, the Employer’s Guide serves as a valuable resource for human resource professionals as well as department managers seeking a convenient reference on issues such as:

  • NYS Paid Family Leave Benefits Law
  • NYS Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Meal periods
  • Termination notices
  • Day of rest
  • Minimum wage
  • State disability and workers’ compensation
  • Posting requirements
  • and much more.

The Employer’s Guide is published by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce (formerly Rochester Business Alliance) located in Rochester, New York, serving businesses for over 130 years.

Arrangements have been made for Council of Industry members to purchase the Employer’s Guide at a special discounted rate.  In addition, those who purchased a Guide in the past year can purchase just the update packet to bring your Guide current, instead of having to purchase a whole new Guide.

For more information or to order,2018 Labor Law Guide brochure or contact Harold King by phone (845) 565-1355 or e-mail hking@councilofindustry.org.