Letter to Members on Election


The vote counts are clear enough that news organizations have confidently projected a winner in the Presidential election. Though many races remain to be called it looks as though both parties have some reason to celebrate as Joe Biden will be President, and Republicans will have a good chance to maintain control of the Senate and have made gains in the House in in State elections.

We acknowledge the poll workers and volunteers who worked tirelessly through the pandemic to handle record turnout and make sure the process worked. Recounts and litigation are also part of our democratic process, and we trust they will run their course and that the election is accurate and there are no valid questions about its legitimacy.

A new administration, a new Congress and a new Senate will mean changes in policy and regulation as well as new legislation coming out of Washington. A budget crisis and changes at the state level will mean more uncertainty coming out of Albany too. Be assured that the Council of Industry, together with our partners at the National Association of Manufacturers, The Manufactures Alliance of New York as well as with our many Associate Members and friends will work to shape policy and legislation and to keep you informed and prepared for the changes that will effect your businesses and your employees.

We congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on being declared the winners of the presidential election, House Democrats on holding their majority and Senate and House Republicans on their formidable election showing. Manufacturing in the United States unites our country, and Americans from all walks of life want to see us succeed. We look forward to working with anyone and everyone who shares our pro-manufacturing objectives.

Thank you for your membership, your support and your leadership.