Apprentice with industrial equipment.Apprentice with industrial equipment.
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man working with industrial equipment.Man working with industrial equipment.
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Woman working with industrial equipment.Woman working with industrial equipment.
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As the #1 Source for Manufacturing Jobs we post jobs for every level of experience and offer paid training to those looking to start a career.

Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturers employ workers at all levels including some of the most highly-respected engineers in the country and skilled laborers with decades of priceless job knowledge. Engineering and Hi-Tech positions typically require a four-year degree and experience. Skilled trade positions may require experience or vocational training.

About Hudson Valley Manufacturing Jobs

The NYS Registered Apprentice Program is available to current employees and applicants with tactical skills and math aptitude. Experience or interest in trades such as mechanic, construction, wood-working or electronics would provide a natural transition into one of our registered trade positions.

Applicants must be 18 years or older, eligible to work in the United States and possess a superior work ethic.

Registered Available Trades:

*To be a registered apprentice, an individual must be employed by a participating employer. Contact us to locate registered employers.

The apprentice must complete a minimum of 18 months to up to 4 years of on-the-job training (depending on the position) and 144 hours of required related instruction per year. Registered apprentices are guaranteed a wage progression while mastering additional skill segments. Upon completion, the apprentice will receive a nationally recognized accreditation as a journey-level worker.

Meet Mike, an engineering technician

Mike shows you what his day of work is like-building high tech microscreens used in everything from Virtual Reality headsets to weapon sights. There's a world of possibilities for a career in manufacturing.

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Women in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is filled with opportunities for success! Learn about the rewarding
careers in manufacturing that have allowed these four women to earn a living wage,
raise their families and thrive in the Hudson Valley community.

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