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HV Mfg Magazine Fall 2020 Issue

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Each issue of HV Mfg — the Council of Industry's magazine — is full of great articles, including a company profile, a Q&A with respected leaders in manufacturing, and information for and about Hudson Valley manufacturing. We are partnering with Ad Essentials to produce this twice-yearly publication.

All HV Mfg Spring issues include our Members Directory, listing our members and associate members along with brief description of their products and services. HV Mfg Fall issues contains a list of Manufacturing Resources here in the Hudson Valley.

HV Mfg has a typical printed distribution of 4,000 with copies sent throughout the valley to manufacturers, their associates, educators and legislators. Our online version is available in PDF and mobile formats so it's easier to view from wherever you are.

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On the cover:

We celebrate the people who design and produce the things that keep our economy running. These are just some of the more than 16,000 people who work for CI members throughout the Hudson Valley region. We thank them for the courage they demonstrated through the early stages of the pandemic and the professionalism they continue to show every day.

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Contents: Fall 2020 Issue

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