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HV Mfg magazine Spring 2015 issueIf you haven’t seen the Council of Industry’s magazine – HV Mfg – follow this link to our online version: HVMfg Magazine Spring 2015 issue.

HV Mfg has a distribution of 4,000 copies sent throughout the valley to manufacturers, their associates, educators and legislators.

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HV Mfg – Spring 2015 Issue

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Spring 2015 – Full issue (52 Pg – 6.1MB)

3 | Table of Contents »
Table of contents with hyperlinks to all articles.

5 | Letter from the Executive Vice President »
About this issue.

7 | Legislative Issues »
The Manufacturers Alliance of NY State marks its 10th year.

11 | The need for an Effective HR Strategy »
Making human resources a strategic partner can lead a company to reach its full potential.

17 | Poised for Growth »
An interview with Jason Smith, CEO of Pawling Corporation.

21 | Pioneers in their Field »
Sono-Tek Corporation, a world leader in high performance ultrasonic spray coating
technologies, continues developing tomorrow’s new applications.

27 | The First Semester »
A student’s-eye view of P-TECH training at Hudson Valley Pathways Academy in Kingston.

29 | Following Statistics to the Right Conclusion »
All processes have variation, some of it random and some assignable to a cause.
Statistics can help us recognize which is which and make the appropriate fix.

33 | The Internet of Things »
Emerging technologies continue to stretch the horizons of the possible.

35 | Membership Directory »
An alphabetical listing of our members.

43 | Members Listed by Business Category (Membership Directory, continued)

45 | Associate Members Listed by Business Category (Membership Directory, continued)

50 | Advertisers Index (Membership Directory, continued)

Cover photo: Steve Harshbarger, President of Sono-Tek Corp.,
by Tom LeBarbera/Picture This Studios


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