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HV Mfg – Fall 2014 Issue

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3 | Table of Contents »
Table of contents with hyperlinks to all articles.

5 | Letter from the Executive Vice President »
On innovation.

7 | Legislative Issues »
The election is over… time to get ready for the next one.

11 | Skills For the 21st-Century Workplace »
Technical skills alone are not enough to ensure success in modern manufacturing.

17 | Sharing the Vision » View Interview Video »
An interview with Cedric Glasper, President and CEO of Mechanical Rubber Products
Company Inc.

21 | Reinvention Through Innovation »
Schatz Bearing Corporation is preparing itself for another hundred years with a positive
workplace environment and continuous innovation.

27 | The Face of Manufacturing »
A new training program prepares participants for employment in high-wage, high-skill
manufacturing occupations in the Hudson Valley.

33 | Building Blocks of An Innovation System »

Syngergistic policies on the part of government, finance, industry and the educational
sector are vital for the creation of an innovation-friendly environment.

37 | Futures Past »
Emerging technologies continue to stretch the horizons of the possible.

41 | Resources »
A listing of elected representatives and government and private sector organizations of use to our members.

50 | Advertisers Index (Resources, continued)

Cover photo: Cedric Glasper, President and CEO of Mechanical Rubber Products Company Inc.,
by Tom LeBarbera/Picture This Studios