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Hudson Valley Manufacturers’ Spotlight: Bantam Tools

Post: Apr. 22, 2021

Bantam Tools, which became a Council of Industry member last fall, manufactures table top CNC milling machines and other accessories.

Bantam originated as a kick starter in San Francisco. In 2017, the CEO purchased the company, rebranded, and moved to New York. Bantam is headquartered in Peekskill.

Today, the company’s focus is growth. Bantam launched a new desktop CNC during the pandemic and has found massive demand from customers. To produce these the company added a new machine center and is awaiting an additional CNC machine. “Day to day, we’re working on improving our production efficiencies so we can make more. We’re engineering accessories and developing new products,” says Ron Lorentzen, General Manager at Bantam Tools.

Courtney Wong, Business Operations at Bantam Tools, explains the client-centered focus at the company and the unique experience the products offer their clients. “Bantam Tools is about making affordable CNC machines that give you the precision you need to get professional results,” she says. “Our mission is to empower people to make the things that they can dream up. We have lots of users out there who create incredible things with our machines and we’d like to see that grow.”

Both Lorentzen and Wong emphasize the company’s willingness to hire those without formal experience for entry level positions. “We are willing to train just about anyone with a positive attitude, patience, and a willingness to learn,” says Wong.

Learn more about Bantam Tools here.