How to Adjust Teaching Styles When Working with Engineers, Technicians

The Socratic method, kinesthetic learning and vivid visualization are three of the techniques that may be effective when teaching engineers and other people in technical occupations, Don Graham of SECO Tools writes for American Machinist.

A successful teaching strategy hinges on two primary goals: get students to retain and apply the information. With that said, instructors first must identify what motivates their students and then tailor the material accordingly, to ensure they achieve those primary goals.

For example, consider machinists in training programs. Most likely the prospect of abundant and lucrative employment opportunities will motivate that particular group of students. So, teachers and instructors should emphasize how the subject matter being taught will help the students become more valuable to potential employers.

Likewise, new cutting tool technology and how it will benefit production operations, for instance, may be what motivates a group of shop engineers in a cutting tool training class. Cutting tool distributors in that same class may want to retain and apply the information, being motivated to sell new products more effectively to their customers.

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