Governor Cuomo Announces Education Reform Commission

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today established the New NY Education Reform Commission, bringing together nationally-recognized education, community, and business leaders to recommend reforms to the state’s education system in order to improve performance in the classroom so that all of New York’s students are fully prepared for their futures.

The Commission will examine the current structure of the state’s education system including teacher recruitment and performance, student achievement, education funding and costs, parent and family engagement, problems facing high-need districts, and the best use of technology in the classroom. The Commission will also analyze the organization of school districts to ensure they are structured to meet the needs of New York’s students while also respecting the taxpayer.

Reform of New York’s bloated, antiquated system of public education is long overdue, but with so much as stake and so many entrenched stakeholders – we are skeptical that any meaningful reform can take place through a “Commission”.

At least its a start.