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Find Out this Expert’s 3 Keys to Overcoming the Skills Gap

Post: Jun. 8, 2017

Lately it seems everyone has some ideas for how to close manufacturing’s skills gap. This latest piece from IndustryWeek doesn’t break the mold by any means, but it does condense the unwieldy issue down to three main obstacles:

Adapting to Changes in the Industry-Innovations like wearables, machine sensors, and robotics are constantly advancing, creating a connected manufacturing environment where the common currency is data. Manufacturers see the opportunity to tap into data generated during production, by machines, and throughout the supply chain.

Attracting New Talent-Recent GE commercials highlight the company’s focus on digital services. Some would say these are aimed at attracting young software engineers by shattering the perception that GE is simply an industrial-focused company.

Unlocking People Potential-Employees who spend most of their time ensuring the uptime of systems, planning upgrades, and managing integrations, aren’t putting value back into the business. These people could be working on solutions to problems that directly impact the bottom line, like reducing scrap or meeting customer specification targets. Cloud computing frees up valuable technical resource time to allow people to focus on data analysis, adopting new innovations, and making process improvements.