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Fala Technologies Highlights Two Apprentice Success Stories

Post: Feb. 17, 2022

Fala Technologies, a Kingston-based supply chain and contract manufacturing provider, has recently had two apprentices complete the Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (MIAP). The apprentices, Jonah Bauer and Norm Imperati, have worked closely with Fala president, Frank Falatyn, to successfully complete the program. Both have have seized the opportunity to further their careers at Fala.

Imperati completed the toolmaker trade, which Falatyn considers the most rigorous. Imperati received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University before graduating in 2015. He started at Fala in a project engineering role for a couple years; at the time, the apprenticeship program did not exist. In 2017, when the program became available, Imperati agreed to begin his apprenticeship. The training, not including related instruction, took 8,000 hours alone, over the course of four years. He spent many hours dedicated to learning each individual machine. He gained experience working with grinders, laves, CNC mills, and other tools. Now, Imperati works in Fala’s CNC department, handling multiple machines. He completed his apprenticeship requirements in September and awaits his certificate of completion. “He had the intellect and the hands on experience to become a great toolmaker. Our plan is that he will become one of our master craftsmen someday,” Falatyn says. “My real hope is someday he’ll be vice president of manufacturing at Fala.” Imperati is also learning the ins and outs of Fala’s programming and machining so that he can share his knowledge with the next generation of employees.

Jonah Bauer completed the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) trade. A fellow Clarkson University alumnus, Bauer received his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in 2018 before starting in Fala’s inspection department. Falatyn explains IMT is a broad apprenticeship, allowing it to better suit Bauer’s interests. Bauer now uses his manufacturing knowledge and engineering background to help with front end work at Fala: he helps set jobs for quoting, decodes advanced drawings, set up projects, and purchase items for building and assembly. “He is phenomenal with memory. He can remember numbers and complex drawings, and he’s spectacular at helping us organize our purchase parts,” Falatyn says. “My hope is that someday he will be supervisor of the building area or have a higher position on the manufacturing side.”

Falatyn explains the positive influence the apprenticeship program has had at Fala. “We now have an apprenticeship program with defined objectives. It gives them a goal to work towards, a certification that’s recognized nationwide. They can take that certificate through their careers and know that it is recognized by manufacturers all over the country. That has great value,” he says.

Imperati and Bauer both agree the best part of the apprenticeship program is gaining extensive knowledge on their trades. “Learning is the best part,” Imperati says. “I’ve liked learning about manufacturing in general,” Bauer says. “It’s just important to keep up with your studies.”

You can learn more about the Council of Industry-facilitated MIAP program by clicking here.

Aspiring apprentices can choose from six trades:
Machinist (CNC)
Electro-Mechanical Technician
Maintenance Mechanic (Automatic Equipment)
Quality Assurance Auditor
Industrial Manufacturing Technician

Email Johnnieanne Hansen or call (845)-565-1355 to discuss details, requirements and potential opportunities.