EHS Network: NYS Regulations Regarding Registration and Testing for Legionella

When: Friday, June 15th, 2018, 8:30 am - 10 am

Where: The Media Room at the Council of Industry Office, The Desmond Campus of MSMC, Newburgh, NY

Cost: No cost to attend for members

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Join us for a presentation from Lawrence LePere PE, Project Manager – Hudson Valley, Walden Environmental Engineering, for a presentation on 

 NYS regulations regarding registration and testing for Legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems. Legionella are bacteria that can become dangerous and disease-causing when they grow to a community of sufficient density – and they grow well in enclosed water storage tanks when it is warm (77-108 degrees F) and stagnant.
Legionella bacteria can then become a problem if the water they are in becomes aerosolized – either by evaporation or by physical misting (ie, coming through a shower head). So, sites with evaporative cooling systems can easily become a health issue if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. NY State has issued new regulations (in 2016) requiring registering and testing all cooling towers and evaporative cooling systems for air conditioning and industrial processes. All operators of such systems are required to conform to these regulations.

We encourage anyone who is an operator of a cooling system or industrial process which uses evaporation of water as a means to provide cooling to their A/C or process systems to attend.