PFAS for Industry, What Businesses Need to Know

When: Wednesday, July, 14, 2021, 08:30am - 10:00am

Where: Zoom Webinar

Cost: Free for Members

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PFAS for Industry, What Businesses need to know:

By now you have heard about PFAS and upcoming regulations, some people say the sky is falling and some people are saying it is not a big issue. What is the truth?

It is certainly true that PFAS have been receiving a lot of attention from the media and regulators over the past few years. The regulation of the use of PFAS compounds is a priority of the Biden Harris Administration, in particular, EPA has announced that they intend to add several of the more prominent PFAS compounds to the RCRA and CERCLA lists as well as regulate PFAS discharges in waste water and air emissions. What are the facts about PFAS and what can industry reasonably expect from regulators.  The reality is that currently it appears that several industry segments will bear the brunt of the regulatory impacts while other industries will not be impacted at all.  The key to preparing for this potential onslaught of regulations is to understand your operations and potential risks.  In this webinar we will discuss the probable timetable, for the issuance of new rules and regulations as well as who is likely to be impacted. In short, we will attempt to answer the question, Should you be worried?


Mr. Wright serves as a Project Manager in the Environmental Practice in HRP’s Clifton Park, New York Office. Mr. Wright has over 16 years of experience in environmental consulting, and is a Licensed Professional Geologist in New York. His project management experience includes a variety of projects focused on EH&S compliance, including a wide variety of areas such as industrial hygiene sampling, ergonomic assessments, EH&S auditing, program development and implementation, permitting, training and compliance reporting. Additionally, Mr. Wright’s project management experience includes hazardous waste and petroleum impacted sites, as well as sites impacted or suspected to be impacted by the release of emerging contaminants, particularly PFAS and 1,4 dioxide. Specific projects have included detailed conceptual site modeling through site characterization, remedial investigation, feasibility studies, remedial designs, quality assurance and control, interim remedial measures, and vapor intrusion investigations.

In addition to project management responsibilities, Mr. Wright serves as a Technical Leader in HRP’s Environmental Practice for PFAS investigation and mitigation. Responsibilities as a technical leader include maintaining  a working knowledge of the latest technical and regulatory developments in PFAS sampling and mitigation, the development and implementation of an internal training program designed to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of field samples collected during PFAS investigations, development of sampling SOPs for PFAS sampling in various media, and the development and implementation of a field audit program to ensure SOPs are implemented by field staff.

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