In Search of Operational Excellence

When: Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Where: Webinar/Zoom

Cost: No Cost for Members

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The Exhilarating Journey from Vision to Milestone

Running an organization can be likened to piloting a 747, many moving parts create distraction and tend to reduce efficiency if you fail to focus on the Key Metrics. In fact, there are really only six key components that a pilot fixates upon to keep the plane flying. The same is  true for any well-run organization. Learn the six critical business components for organizational success. Create your organizational dashboard for success.

As your organization grows, so too does the complexity. The complexity grows exponentially, however stressing the organizational infrastructure, challenging the current skills of your people and creating chaos as we attempt to stay ahead of the change.

·       Do you feel like the old processes, which served you so well for so many years, don’t work anymore?

·       Do you go home from work questioning whether you really moved the ball forward today?

·       Do you scratch your head, asking why no one in the organization is accountable?

·       Do you question why no one takes initiative?

·       Are you tired of dealing with the same issues every day without really making head way?


Join us to Learn:

·       What does an efficient organization look like?

·       Why well-formulated strategies still fail?

·       What is your OWN organization’s effectiveness?

·       Five vital instruments required to achieve your vision.

·       3 tactical takeaways to improve your company’s effectiveness

·       The baseline for a great 2021 plan and beyond  


Presenter's Bio:


Chief Growth Officer

Ignition Life Solutions

Don Hahn is Chief Growth Officer of Ignition Life Solutions. An experienced EOS Implementer™, executive coach and sales trainer. Don has worked with hundreds of businesses and thousands of professionals in creating change-ready organizations. Don delivers a blended learning experience including strategic planning and implementation, talent management, leadership workshops, and executive coaching — all of which serve as the foundation for top performing companies.

Don’s no-nonsense approach gets results. He does not teach theory, he teaches proven, real world applications that produce sustainable results. Don lives in Buffalo with his wife of 40 years, Debby. His outside interests are golfing, reading, writing and gardening.



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