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Your Company’s Managers Are Exposing You to Employment Lawsuits

When: Friday, April, 30, 2021, 01:00pm - 02:30pm

Where: Interactive Zoom Meeting

Cost: Free for Members

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Your Company’s Managers Are Exposing You to Employment Lawsuits

How Can You Stop It?

Presented By:  Joel J. Greenwald, Esq.
Managing Partner of Greenwald Doherty LLP

Many costly employment law and human resources issues are caused by a company’s managers.   This includes them both being a part of the problem and/or by not being a necessary part of the solution. While managers are often very skilled in the business/production part they are managing, the majority are not trained at all with how to properly communicate with employees and HR on Human Resources issues.  They also often fail to understand their complicated specific role in dealing with diverse employee issues such as discrimination, leave, reasonable accommodation and discriminatory harassment. Unfortunately, if not properly addressed, these, and other related issues can lead to costly employment lawsuits.  

In addition, managers need to know the art of documenting employee performance and discipline - to not only create backup for legal actions but to also, hopefully, increase employee production.

Seasoned employment attorney, Joel Greenwald, facilitates a brand new and hugely interactive presentation designed to stick in the minds of attendees.  The presentation includes interactive and collaborative peer-to-peer breakout rooms, trained Broadway actors doing vignettes of real work scenarios, and other fun ways of approaching this tough, but necessary, topic to protect businesses.


Leaders need to understand what the leaders underneath them are doing correctly and incorrectly. They will learn how to identify how managers may hurt their businesses and reputations - as well as pick up best practices themselves as supervisors. Additionally, CEOs will learn how they may be enabling their management teams to do too much or not enough, and how to remedy that practice. At the end of the session, each participant will walk away with ten discrete rules to immediately put in place with their management team.

About the Speaker:  Joel Greenwald is the Managing Partner of Greenwald Doherty LLP, a management-side employment law firm. While he fiercely defends his clients from claims and aggressively pursues claims on their behalf, Joel believes in helping employers avoid litigation from the start.

With a wide range of innovative legal services and engaging training sessions for management and human resources, Joel establishes clear strategies to achieve compliance with federal, state, and local workplace laws and regulations; therefore, routinely saving clients significant expenses with his efficient and effective representation.

A dynamic and frequent lecturer to trade and professional groups, his clients, colleagues, and audiences value his depth of experience and accessible style.   Joel earned his JD from Duke University School of Law and his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University.

Joel J. Greenwald Esq.
Managing Partner


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