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COVID 19 Update 2

Post: Mar. 13, 2020

Council of Industry Members COVID 19 Survey

Here are the results of our Member Survey on the impacts of coronavirus on their businesses and what plans they are considering to deal with potential impacts. 
3/13/2020 7:58 AM EDT
 1. Is your organization holding or planning to hold informational meetings/discussions with your workforce regarding sanitary practices related to coronavirus?
Yes                                        82.6%
No                                          13.0%
No Responses                        4.3%

2. Is your organization holding or planning to hold educational meetings/discussions with your workforce related to its potential impact on the business?
Yes                                        68.1%
No                                          31.8%

Sample Comments:

  • Rather than gathering in groups, we created a looping presentation on our lunch room monitor.
  • Unless the need becomes apparent… right now that does not appear to be the case.
  • Most likely, but not determined as of today.
  • We have implemented a coronavirus operations protocol.
  • We are handing out print outs from the CDC Website
    to our employees
  • Yes, we’ve discussed it out weekly Huddle. We’ve seen a few orders delayed (that we know of) though business remains strong for now.
  • We’ve discussed the potential impact if a significant number of employees are unable to work.

 3. Has your organization considered modifying, even as a one-time change, benefits such as sick/personal days? 
Yes                                               26.0%
No                                                69.5%
No Responses                             4.3%

Sample Comments:

  • We removed doctor’s note requirements, temporarily suspended attendance incentive program, and told all employees that attendance from now until the pandemic is over won’t factor into performance reviews.
  • Currently we offer a generous PTO benefit to our employees…we also have a sick PTO “bank” where employees can “donate” PTO. If the situation changes, we will adapt our policies, including flex schedules, telecommute, etc.
  • May allow employees to use vacation time without providing required notice, which is usually 24 hours, or may allow employees to take time off unpaid without incurring attendance points.
  • Yes, as a one time situation, if a staff member tests positive for the virus they will be placed to paid two week quarantine
  • Not as of yet – will cross that bridge if we have to
  • Not yet though we might depending on how this plays out.

 4. Has your organization discussed the potential impact on wages/bonuses/profit shares from either slowing orders and/or reduced production? 

Yes                                                         13.0%
No                                                          60.8%
No Responses                                      26.0%

Sample Comments:

  • No formal discussions have taken place at this time
  • If the business impact becomes significant, we will consider such actions
  • Yes, we’ve discussed that it might. We will likely work it into our weekly forecasts as time goes on.

 5. Is your organization suggesting or requiring any its workforce to work from home?  
Yes                                                             4.3%
Yes, with limits (explain below)          17.3%
No                                                              47.8%
Other                                                           4.3%
No Responses                                         26.0%

Sample Comments:

  • Not yet but we’re increasing the number of licenses required for VPN connection
  • Just being extra sensitive to anyone who is sick – fever, coughing, etc. – and asking them not to come in. And obviously, those who are in quarantines due to potential exposure.
  • We have always fostered a “work from home” if you need to/your role allows for remote work. Many of our professionals can work effectively from a remote location based on technology. The one email we have sent thus far did not specifically focus on a work from home suggestion although informally, it is being discussed.
  • Employees who are sick or may have been in contact with an individual exposed to the novel coronavirus are asked to work from home.
  • Not Yet
  • Not yet though we have encouraged anyone with symptoms to stay home.
  • We are trialing with our administrative offices to see what impact, if any, it would have in the event of someone being infected and having to require all to work from home.

 6. Has your organization experienced any disruptions in supply chain attributable to the coronavirus?
 Yes                                                           26.0%
No                                                             43.4%
Other                                                          4.3%
No Responses                                        26.0%

Sample Comments:

  • Slowdown in production dates and ship dates from China.
  • Not yet – getting positive feedback from our supply change and have no impending issues at this point.
  • Most of our product is sourced in Poland so little to no impact. However, our China sourced products are becoming a problem and going to result in shortages.
  • Our Italy operation has been impacted.

7. Has your organization experienced any cancelled or delayed orders that you attribute to the coronavirus outbreak? 
Yes                                                                                                                   21.7%
Not yet but we anticipate some in the near future (explain below)   13.0%
No                                                                                                                    39.1%
No Responses                                                                                                26.0%

Sample Comments
8. Does your organization have a formal business continuation plan in response to a pandemic? 

Yes                                                                     30.4%
No                                                                      43.4%
No Responses                                                  26.0%

Sample Comments

  • It has not been formally communicated but working closely with the IT VP and CEO/President, we are determining to what extent it is communicated. It is not specific to pandemic but it would apply if necessary.
  • Would love to hear what kind of plans others have!