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COVID 19 Update 13.1

Post: Mar. 24, 2020

Negotiators Near Accord on U.S. Stimulus Package to Combat Coronavirus

An estimated $2 trillion in funds would help buffer the American economy from the consequences of the pandemic.

The Wall Street Journal is Reports that lawmakers, administration officials, and aides said issues surrounding $500 billion in industry assistance loans and expanded unemployment insurance had largely been resolved, leaving a narrow set of unresolved items left to agree to.

The Senate could move to quickly vote on the package later in the day, if an agreement is reached.

 “I believe we’re on the 5-yard line,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said on the Senate floor. “I hope today is the day this body will get it done.”


CI Podcast – George Quigley, President of the Ertel Alsop and Chairman of the Council of Industry Board of Directors on keeping employees safe and operations open during the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Coronavirus Triggers Hiring Surge at Some Firms

Some businesses are gaining customers because of the coronavirus pandemic and are recruiting thousands of workers to meet demand. These companies include supermarkets, pharmacies, takeout restaurants, delivery companies and medical-equipment manufacturers.

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Manufacturers, Distributors Shift Focus to Hospitals

Cleaning and health care distributors and manufacturers are prioritizing getting their products to hospitals and similar facilities ahead of other customers. Custom manufacturer and 3D printer Proto Labs is also focusing on “projects which are needed to equip our medical system to treat patients with COVID-19,” a company spokeswoman says.

This is also the Case with Council Member Belfor Property Restoration who is focusing all its efforts to support healthcare facilities and first responders. 

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