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Course Details:


Attention: This course is not currently being run. If you are interested in this training please contact the Council of Industry or phone us at (845) 565-1355.

Time: 8:30 - 4:30

Location: BRC Kingston

Instructor: Dr. Kevin Caskey

Cost: $325 per person,

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This course will introduce basic concepts including the definition of a project and the project manager’s job, how to develop success criteria, and how to engage project stakeholders. Topics will include:

    1. Introduction to Project Management
      1. What is a project?
    2. Project Selection
      1. Methods to select a portfolio of projects
    3. Requests for (project) Proposals (RFPs)
      1. Creating the RFP (the customer’s tasks)
      2. Responding to a RFP (the contractor’s tasks)
    4. Defining the Project
      1. Defining the project scope
      2. Establishing project priorities
      3. Creating the Work Breakdown Structure
    5. Estimating Project Times and Costs
      1. Quality of Estimates
      2. Top-down vs Bottom-up estimating
      3. Level of detail
      4. Types of costs
    6. Developing a Project Plan
      1. Developing the network of project activities
      2. PERT/CPM
    7. Managing Risk
      1. Risk assessment
      2. Contingency planning
    8. Scheduling Resources and Costs
      1. Types of resource constraints
      2. Resource allocation methods
    9. Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager
      1. Managing project stakeholders
    10. Managing Project Teams
    11. Outsourcing: Managing Inter-organizational Relations
    12. International Projects

     Microsoft Project will be used as a demo for the following tasks:

    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Estimating Project Times and Costs
    • Developing the network of project activities
    • Scheduling Resources and Costs
    • Tracking project progress

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