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Cert. in Mfg. Leadership - Dutchess
Cert. in Mfg. Leadership - Rockland
Cert. in Mfg. Leadership - Westchester
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Course Details:


Attention: This course is not currently being run. If you are interested in this training please contact the Council of Industry or phone us at (845) 565-1355.


This four day program is meant to introduce manufacturing companies in dept to the concept of LEAN Manufacturing. The course will cover the history of LEAN and Toyota Production Systems, the objective of LEAN, categories of waste, opportunity identification tools, JIT inventory systems, theory of constraints, and implementation plans. Specific topics include:

  • The history of Toyota Production Systems (TPS) and Lean Manufacturing
  • The definition of lean manufacturing
  • The definition of lean administration/enterprise
  • The difference between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • How lean and Six sigma work together

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