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Attention: This course is not currently being run. If you are interested in this training please contact the Council of Industry or phone us at (845) 565-1355.


This full day training provides attendees with tools that are easily implemented in order to identify and cultivate their customer relationships. The training will be broken up in to three components:

  • Effectively Transform Irate Customers - participants will learn how to turn an irate customer into a loyal one and how to keep their cool when customers get hot. They will also learn how to turn complaints into profits, remain motivated and productive, and how to ask for referrals and earn repeat business.
  • Empathetic & Effective Listening Skills - This component teaches participants ways to overcome barriers that interfere with listening and develop awareness of how attitudes affect what other people hear. They will be taught to evaluate examples of poor listening and their result on the customer experience and strategize guidelines to empathetic listening. They will become a problem solver with sharpened critical thinking skills in terms of providing customer alternatives.
  • Greater Identification and facilitation of customer needs (Internal and External Cohesiveness) - participants learn it is not what you say but how you say it in this component. They will also learn how to manage stress so the customer doesn't hear it, the difference between you and I messages and how to say no when and if you must.
  • How to Up Sell/Cross Sell and Expand Breadth of Products and Services being Purchased – Every phone call, whether in-bound or out-bound is an opportunity to deepen customer relations.  Current customers are the easiest to ‘sell’ to – if they are not purchasing all that they can from you, ask why not?


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