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Course: Commercializing Innovation

Cert. in Mfg. Leadership - Dutchess
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Cert. in Mfg. Leadership - Westchester
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Course Details:

Commercializing Innovation

Attention: This course is not currently being run. If you are interested in this training please contact the Council of Industry or phone us at (845) 565-1355.


This course focuses on how to successfully commercialize an innovation. While it is important to come up with an innovative idea and develop a product concept, it is equally critical to effectively design and launch the product in the market and ensure its long-term success. This is where the innovation efforts of a large number of entrepreneurs and companies fail. The course provides an exposure to various product design approaches and strategies. Understanding commercialization activities such as pre-product launch planning, market testing, actual product launch, and post-launch follow-up is a major part of the course. These commercialization activities among other things involve developing a marketing plan for the product, carefully testing the plan, modifying the plan based on test market results, and crafting a long-term strategy for the product. The course also provides an exposure to how market data is generated and interpreted during these activities.


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