Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Network

EHS Network consists of individuals from member firms interested in industrial environmental, safety and health issues. The EHS Network meets on the third Friday of every other month to hear presentations on, and discuss current industrial, environmental safety and health issues and trends.

EHS Network

Next Meeting: Understanding and Preparing for the next Emerging Contaminants- PFOAs

When: Friday, October 19th, from 8:30 am – 10:00 am 
Where: The Conference Room at The Council of Industry office, The Desmond Campus of MSMC, Newburgh, NY 
Cost: None for members
Presenter: Mark Wright, PG, CHMM, CSP, Senior Project Geologist,  HRP Associates, Inc. 
Registration: Click here or email abutler@councilofindustry.org  

You have seen the headline-catching news – PFOAs and PFOSs are being detected in groundwater and drinking water supplies and pose a threat to human health and the environment. Based on these findings state and federal regulatory agencies are working hard to fully understand the threat posed by these ubiquitous chemicals, and designates two of the most common PFAS, (PFOA and PFOS) as “Hazardous Substances” and the development of a national Maximum Contaminant that could have significant impacts on facilities that historically stored or used the substances. 

What is the real story and what does it mean to businesses in the Hudson Valley.  This presentation will discuss:

  • How did this mess at started in the first place
  • What are the environmental and health effects of PFOAs
  • What industries and products used PFOAs
  • What Actions of the federal and state regulatory agencies taken to date
  • What can I expect in the future