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Coping with School Reopening Schedules Tips for Employers, Presented by Jackson Lewis

Post: Aug. 13, 2020

As a practical matter, employers, who are facing their own economic struggles, can ill afford to pay employees for unproductive time spent educating, supervising or caring for children at home. And the job still needs to get done. This has left many employers asking, “Is there a solution to this “academic” problem?”
Certainly, not a simple one. Once you move beyond leave obligations, employers will need to leverage flexibility and creativity.

Join Council Associate Member Jackson Lewis to learn more about obligations, options and creative solutions. Topics to consider include create or expand permanent remote work roles, create temporary “transitional” remote work opportunities, enhance flexible scheduling, expand childcare benefits, create temporary unpaid leave programs and more.
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View the Presentation here:

Jackson Lewis – Coping with reopening schools (slides) – pdf



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