Consulting Services

“Innovate, Empower and Educate -for Measurable Results and Optimal Success”

Council of Industry member firms frequently have business issues that require the assistance of outside expertise. Our consulting service provides a core of consultants with diverse experience to address many of those issues. The consulting service will also include free initial consultations and assessment tools to better define problems and solutions.

Council of Industry Consulting, like all Council of Industry services we have provided our members throughout our 100 year history, is in keeping with our mission to promote the success of our members and their employees.

Benefits to Members:

  • A CI Project Liaison is provided to work directly with the member and prospective consultant throughout the project and at no cost to the member.
  • Consultants have been pre-screened and selected based on their proven record of success with manufacturers, their desire to work together as a team and their support of the Council of Industry and its mission.
  • The Council will support the design and development of the project to achieve measurable results and optimal success.
  • A Metric Driven, user friendly needs assessment system has been developed to provide a clear picture to management of the organization’s needs.  Click Here to take the assessment survey (note: results will be provided by follow-up email and/or visit. Best results are obtained when a cross section of your company takes the survey. we are happy to set up a companywide survey for you)


  • Organizational Needs Assessment
  • Business Transformation
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Sales Cultivation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Renewal
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Systems Evaluation
  • Plant Operations Enhancement
  • Building Team Trust and Collaboration
  • Products Design from Idea to
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Workforce Development
  • Patent Assessment
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Delivery