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Consider: Workers Who are Willing to Learn

Post: Jul. 26, 2017

A column in IndustryWeek argues that with technology advancing so quickly and a shortage of skilled workers it makes more sense to train employees on site rather than look for workers with appropriate degrees and training.

How does a manufacturing company leader solve that problem?

By emphasizing the only capability that truly matters: The willingness and ability to learn.

Whatever technical skills potential employees need today will be soon replaced by different ones. Schools can’t provide job-ready employees when we can’t tell them what jobs will exist in the future.

Manufacturers are the experts in current processes, and are learning what the near future demands. They need job applicants with the willingness and ability to learn, and qualified resources with the capabilities and willingness to teach. Yes, manufacturing has little use for those who can’t read, write or use math. That’s a social problem, not a skills-shortage problem.

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