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Compressed Air Systems and COMAIRCO’s Compressed Air Challenge

Post: Mar. 21, 2019

Read about ways to save money by reducing or eliminating unnecessary use of compressed air from the University of Minnesota’s Technical Assistance Program 

Approximately 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system. These systems power a variety of equipment, including machine tools, material handling and separation equipment, and spray painting equipment. Compressed air is one of the most expensive uses of energy in a manufacturing plant. About 8hp of electrical power is used to generate the electricity required for 1hp of compressed air, making it the least efficient and sustainable plant utility.  While there are applications that require the use of compressed air, many uses of compressed air can be eliminated to save money. Calculating the cost of compressed air in your facility can help you justify system improvements that increase energy efficiency. This page offers tips for increasing your compressed air system’s efficiency and decreasing costs.

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Find out about COMAIRCO’s Compressed Air Challenge Seminar 

Learn about Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems 

When: June 4th from 7:30 am – 5 pm at The Crown Plaza in Suffern, NY 
Speaker: David Booth, Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems
Cost: $295 per person, includes continental, breakfast, lunch, breaks and materials
Click here for agenda and registration