Community College

The Council of Industry proudly supports all career pathways and values our community college partnerships. Hudson Valley Community Colleges offer credit, non-credit and workforce development training opportunities to help manufacturing employers provide skills necessary for long term employment and growth. 

The courses below are offered directly through the listed community college and interested companies or individuals should register directly through the college. 

Apprenticeship Funding Available

Registered apprentices are required to complete 144 hours per year of trade related foundational training called related instruction. Related instruction can be completed online through learning management programs such at Tooling U or  through approved community colleges. To offset the cost and encourage companies to partner with community colleges SUNY apprenticeship program offers funding to provide up to $5,000 of free instruction to each registered apprentice (in person on online). Many of the courses listed qualify for related instruction and may be free for registered apprentices. 

If you are a manufacturer interested in registering an apprentice or learning more about this and other incentives please contact Johnnieanne Hansen.

Learn more about the Council of Industry’s Manufacturing Alliance Intermediary Apprenticeship Program. 


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