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Council of Industry Podcasts

Harold King and Johnnieanne Hansen

As 2020 Draws to a close senior Council of Industry staff talk about the year that was and what their hopes and predictions for 2021.

Council of Industry President Harold King and Vice President Johnnieanne Hansen talk about this most eventful and unusual year.  They talk about the impact of the pandemic on Council members as well as its impact on the association and the entire manufacturing sector.  The discuss the challenges, the opportunities, and the silver linings.  They also discuss what 2021 might bring to our members and to our 110-year-old association.  

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Former Congressman Rick White

A conversation with Rick White Former Congressman, President of TechNet, Principal at the Woodbay Group and member of the  alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board .

Harold King talks with Former Congressman, alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board member, President of TechNet and Principal at the Woodbay Group Rick White about his time in Congress during the late 1990’s, the evolution of the tech industry since that time and the proper role of government to promote innovation and growth in the sector.

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Robert Loughney, Partner Couch White, LLP

Energy law and energy policy are once again moving front and center with state and national elections upon us.  Climate change, low natural gas and oil prices, a proposed “green new deal” and the implementation of New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) are complex forces that business leaders need to understand.  Robert Loughney, Partner at the law firm Couch White, LLP helps business leaders not just understand these forces, but to shape public policy and adapt their businesses to these changes.

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Stephen Delillo, Belfor Property Restoration

When disaster occurs at your business or your home it is probably one of the worst moments of your life. Seeing a fire, flood or similar event threaten to destroy something you worked your life to build you are likely to be scared angry and frustrated. When that happens you want someone like Stephen Delillo, General Manager at Belfor Property Restoration on your side. Stephen, and  Belfor, will work to make sure your property is cleaned and restored quickly and effectively – getting your business up and running again, and your house your home again.

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Kathleen Hochul, New York State Lieutenant Governor

Few elected officials understand and appreciate manufacturers as much as New York State’s Lt. Governor Kathleen Hochul. Born and raised in Western New York she saw many families, including her own, grow prosperous by working in the steel and auto plants in the region. Now, as Lt. Governor she oversees the State’s Economic Development programs through the Regional Economic Development Councils and emphasizes the importance of manufacturing to New York’s economy.

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Larry Ormond – Field Service Manager at JBT Corporation

In high school, JBT’s, Larry Ormond excelled on the playing fields but struggled with academics. That changed when he joined the Navy where he consistently performed at the top of his class and found his calling as a Fire Controlman. Today, Larry has brought that experience and his 11 years in the Navy to JBT where he leads a global team of sales technicians from his location in Kingston.

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Steve Casa, Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES

For many years the private sector and education sector seemed disconnected – two silos interacting only occasionally and rarely cooperatively.  There have been, however, individuals who have been able to break out of those silos, who have created opportunities and programs for businesses and educators to work together with common purpose, that purpose being the betterment of young people.  One such person is Steve Casa, Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES.

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Kevin Brewster, President of Brewster Machinery

No two careers in manufacturing are the same.  In the case of Kevin Brewster, President of Brewster Machinery a start in a small machine shop in Connecticut has led him on a path to owning his own used equipment auction and Appraisal business.  A journey that has given him insights into the many issues facing manufacturer from workforce development to international competition tax policy and more.  

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Access Supports for Living and Access Business Solutions

Since 1963, Access has been supporting individuals and families with very different needs including those with significant medical or behavioral issues, and others who live independently with minimal help.  They provide behavioral health services, services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Among those services is Access Business Solutions which provides meaningful employment to disabled individuals.

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Tim Bigler – Senior Energy Strategist at Direct Energy Business

For manufacturers energy is very often a sizable expense. Managing that expense and the risks associated with energy markets can have a significant impact on a firm’s bottom line perhaps even be the difference between profit and loss.  In this episode we dive into the complex world of energy markets with Tim Bigler, Senior Energy Market Strategist at Direct Energy to learn about the many factors that influence prices.

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Dr. Jonah Schenker – Deputy Superintendent at Ulster BOCES

No one loves an innovator more than Hudson Valley manufacturers and that is why we are excited to have had, and to share, this conversation with Dr. Jonah Schenker, Deputy Superintendent at Ulster BOCES.  Jonah’s thoughts on learning and teaching – and the work he and the team at Ulster BOCES are doing – are creative, innovative, and having positive impacts on students.

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John Waldron/Warren Boldrin – IBM Senior Executives

Perhaps the best kept secret in the Hudson Valley is that most of the mainframe computers operating the world’s most critical financial, government, defense and industrial information infrastructures are manufactured right here in Poughkeepsie.  Johnnieanne Hansen talks with John and Warren, two of the leaders at the Poughkeepsie site about the “Z” System mainframe, workforce, leadership and more.

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Kelly Lyndgaard, Unshattered – It was never about the bags

When Governor Cuomo ordered non- essential businesses to close March 20th Unshattered, a manufacturer of handbags, needed to abide by the mandate and close their doors.

In less than 24 hours, however, Unshattered saw the critical need for face masks for healthcare workers, drafted a mask, consulted with a physician from Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and began producing a safe and effective product. By Saturday at noon back to being essential and in full production mode.

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Rich Croce – President, Viking Industries

As the COVID 19 crises unfolds the Council of Industry is using all its resources to keep its members up to date with the latest information and resources to keep their employees safe and their businesses operating. This podcast is one of those resources and part of those efforts.

In this episode Johnnieanne Hansen from the Council of Industry interviews Rich Croce, President of Viking Industries.

Johnnieanne and Rich talk about Viking’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic and their efforts to keep their employees safe and their business running. Tragically, an employee of Viking died from the coronavirus several weeks ago.  Rich discusses the effect of that death on the Viking family and the extraordinary efforts they are making to keep their employees safe and secure.

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