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Tim Bigler – Senior Energy Strategist at Direct Energy Business

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For manufacturers energy is very often a sizable expense. Managing that expense and the risks associated with energy markets can have a significant impact on a firm’s bottom line perhaps even be the difference between profit and loss.  In this episode we dive into the complex world of energy markets with Tim Bigler, Senior Energy Market Strategist at Direct Energy to learn about the many factors that influence prices.

In this episode Council of Industry President Harold King speaks with Tim Bigler. For the past decade, the Council of Industry has partnered with Direct Energy Business to help our members manage that energy risk.  The man at Direct who provides the most insight and guidance is Tim Bigler, Senior Energy Marketing Strategist.  Tim sorts through mountains of data every day from rig counts to storage reports, financial hedges, weather, and politics to identify price trends in the energy markets. 

In this episode Harold talks with Tim about his education and path to his current position with Direct.  They also discuss how Tim sorts and prioritizes the data he looks at to identify market trends, how the pandemic is affecting pricing, the future of carbon, the impacts of climate regulation on pricing and much, much more.

We hope you find Tim as interesting as we did.


Tim Bigler
Senior Market Strategist
Tim has more than 30 years of experience in the natural gas, electric and oil markets. His current role is Senior Market Strategist on our Natural Gas Operations team, and he is the author of most customer market update materials.